Enable DIRECTV to work on Jailbroken iPad

October 26th, 2011 by EGBlue

If you are like me, you just heard the news about the newly updated DIRECTV iPad app that enabled live streaming.

As you launch the app, you encounter with the following message: “DIRECTV is not supported on jailbroken devices. Please connect to iTunes to update or restore your service.”

All frustrated, I was looking for a solution, and here is how you enable the device to work on your legally (as far as I know) device.

Download iFile from Cydia.

Once you open iFile, Navigate to “/” and in the search bar look for “com.directv.mobile.ipad.navigator.production.plist” in “Hierarchy mode”

Click on the file and open it in “Text Viewer”

Once the document is open, click on the Magnifying Glass (Search) and type “Jailbreak”.

You will come across the line:


and below it:


on the top left corner of the screen, click on Edit and change the line from <true/> to <false/>

Hit Save and Done on the top right corners and go ahead restart your Directv App.

You’re welcome…

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101 Responses

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  2. Martin

    Dude you forgot to mention where inside iFile do we search for that plist.

  3. Smorkingapple

    Major props for this. F you DirecTv

  4. Steve

    Need to know where to search please

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Sweet! Thanks so much for posting.

  6. EGBlue

    Sorry for not explicitly stating where to search. The post has been modified.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    No need to search. Go to Library > Preferences. The plist file is right there.

  8. Martin

    Thanks a lot brother! Works like a charm!

  9. Steve

    Got it. You have to be patient for the search to complete (2-3 minutes). Screwed the man again!

  10. Jeff

    I don’t see that plist at all

  11. Chapel

    Same here. I don’t have that .plist at all and very familiar with the iPad file system & using iFile.

  12. Martin

    Got to Preferences (little gear on the bottom left) and toggle Application Names ON. Then go to /var/mobile/Applications/DIRECTV/Library/Preferences and it’s the 3rd one from the top.

  13. WilL

    THE FIle location is

  14. The Bash

    It works. It takes a couple of minutes for the search to complete.

  15. DTV Dude

    Great. So how do we “fix” Nomad so it will work with a jailbroken device??

  16. Directv app

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  17. Chris

    How about iPhone?

  18. babylac

    it takes only iFunbox minute or to download iFunbox for iPad. Launch the app and click on Install App [AppFastIn] icon on top menu-bar. Double click on DirecTV app icon. you will find the file in Document folder. Download the plist to pc. update and upload it back. It works. Thanks to the tip

  19. Dacwi

    You can watch the live tv even if you’re not at home

  20. JC

    While your in the same file you can also change the “DTVApplication_Option_LiveVideoProximity_Enabled” flag as well. It will allow you to stream away from your network.

  21. JC

    Anyone have an similar tricks for the Nomad app?

  22. HUGE

    I second the request for the Nomad. Any love?

  23. ISOHaven

    Thanks for this!!!

    FU DirecTV!!!!!

    Now to figure out why the hell the iPad app can’t find my DVR remotely even though the iPhone app finds it just fine.

  24. anbako

    The iFile fix worked. However no sound. Any ideas on this?

  25. DirecTV Patch for Streaming on Jailbroken iPad Released

    [...] 14 Times in 9 Posts Here's something I did yesterday that I found on this website: http://www.interiders.com/2011/10/26…ilbroken-ipad/ So if it only works on 4.3.3 & someone is on 5.0 they can fix it. Thanks for the patch. [...]

  26. Champade

    DirecTV updated their app again a few days ago and the ifile change and Cydia patch no longer work. This is ridiculous.

  27. Mac chab

    The new updated app doesn’t work with the ifile fix, anyone have an idea how to patch it?

  28. Roger

    Just tried and didn’t work

  29. Freud

    I was able to use the cydia patch successfully, but like the dumbass I am, I upgraded the app, now I’m screwed. Anyone know where I can d/l the previous version???

  30. TOM

    Where can I find version 1.3.4 of the directv app?
    anyone willing to share theirs? That would work, yes?

  31. ira

    Problem with previous versions is that you now NEED to update for it to work on the ipad. I kept the cracked and fixed version until a few days ago when it told me the version i had needed to be updated to work. I am working on a fix as we speak

  32. Mj

    Let us know what u find out!!

  33. Clos

    Used this and it worked

  34. Clos


  35. rg49329

    I don’t know if it is just me but i am still getting the error. I changed it to false then restarted my device and still getting same issue. Even double checked that it was saved.

  36. AR

    Yup … I still get the same error after doing as instructed above.

  37. Frusterated

    This used to work, but no longer does. We need an updated work-around.

  38. BW

    Same here.

  39. Wafl

    Not working for me either…

  40. Daniel

    I can’t believe Directv would limit this “free” app to unjailbroken devices. I pay for directv services i should get the damn app regardless for what I have….

    I wrote them but im sure that won’t do any good. Maybe if enough people write directv they will change this stupidness

  41. rose

    it work for me at first then they updated the app it doesn’t work for me now

  42. MLHoenig

    Doesn’t work; probably due to most recent DirecTV app update…

    Hope a new fix can be found soon; I figure EGBlue’s working on it already.

  43. shark

    I changed it to false and restarted and everything and it still gives me error about being jailbroken. Paid $4 for iFile too!

  44. sackmachine

    Why would anyone pay for iFile?? If you paid for that, you have no business even attempting this!

  45. bokingwen

    I updated the file and it doesn’t work, I guess it is related to the DTV app update. I downloaded the “direct tv app patch” from cydia but it doesn’t work either. It stuck at “checking connection” DTV is really Fxcking stupid.

  46. DangerMouse

    I have tried both this method and the directv app patch for jailbroken ipad and it doesn’t work either… any updates for how to get past the jailbroken device not supported via directv app … other than un-jailbreaking. HAVING A JAILBROKEN device is not illegal fyi. Using pirated apps is however.

  47. Tyler

    Just jailbroke today iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, changed from true to false and still dont work.

  48. IT

    does not work

  49. HoM

    Will this same method work for Flixster?

  50. IrvinJ

    This is some bullshit

  51. Bcpu

    Fu(k you directv. Between this and football season being over, I am canceling my subscript

  52. Jamie

    It now works. Directv 1.3.9 which is the current version. Download xcon 17 from cydia and from this repo: http://n00neimp0rtant.dyndns.org/repo

    You’re welcome. Suck it DTV!!

  53. Theoriginalhoho

    Thank you. You rock!

  54. John

    My file doesn’t open the text viewer
    I need help

  55. John

    Sorry I forget to write the I for ifile

  56. John

    Please i need helpppppp

  57. Jay

    Thanx for all the helpful posts! Is anyone streaming out of their network on ipad 2?

  58. Philip

    Ok. I’ve tried everything posted here on 2/16/12 and i found the plist, set to false and nothing changed. It’s actually amazed me I thought when I changed that it’d be over. Is there some new fix not mentioned here? I’d greatly appreciate it.

  59. RHON

    same here i got 5.0.1.. not working still

  60. DOD

    Install XCON 20 from Cydia. Works like a charm

  61. Jay

    Is it possible to stream live away from home network?

  62. Tony

    Jaime you rock!

  63. Mark

    Jay if you put the ip of the receiver on the DMZ in your router then change the “DTVApplication_Option_LiveVideoProximity_Enabled” to false, you can put in your ip address and watch from anywhere.

  64. Chris

    Mark could you explain how to put the ip of the receiver on the dmz? I’m not really clear as to what you mean or how to achieve it. Thanks

  65. Danny

    Just installed lastest version of the app and also xcon 32 and app not working. Any ideas?

  66. Walter

    Any idea how to downgrade DTV1.5 to 1.3.9?

  67. Walter

    I have the old DTV version 13.9 on my computer, but when I try to restore, I got an error on my iPad2

  68. Danny

    Installed xcon32, changed plist entry, respring device…worked.

  69. Sam

    workin with xcon.respring..Thanks Danny

  70. Paul

    any hints on how far down the file i should begin to look for “Jailbreak” ?

    I am struggling to find it by searching.

  71. Paul

    I’ve looked and looked…no joy. If anyone can give me a hand, ill provide screen shots or whatever’s needed.


  72. Paul

    “Install XCON 20 from Cydia. Works like a charm”


  73. Jon

    xCon worked for me today

  74. Noah

    Xcon from modmyi worked great!! Thanks so much!

  75. James Bond

    XCON worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch.

  76. princealbertofpa

    PAUL…did you find the line yet?

    it s the ~35th line down…in the 2nd block of text.

  77. The Ghost

    Xcon worked for me too but cannot control receivers?
    Tried entering the ipaddress of each device all I get is “validating ….. invalid no receiver detected .??? Help please…

  78. The Ghost

    I keep getting no connected receivers … help!!!!!! Please…

  79. Ben

    Does anybody know how to get the directv app to stream live tv when you’re away from your home network? I have a jailbroken iPad 3 and have installed xcon and it works great. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

  80. engineer job

    After going over a few of the articles on your web site,
    I honestly appreciate your technique of writing
    a blog. I book marked it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking
    back in the near future. Please visit my website too and let me know your opinion.

  81. John

    I got the directv to work but unable to watch movies under the watch on iPad tab? I get an error video temp unavailable (2100) I already deleted and redownloaded the app and I still keep getting the same message. How do I fix this?

  82. elan

    cant find com.directv.mobile.ipad.navigator.production.plist. any ideas?

  83. John

    Open I file go to applications on the shortcut menu. It’ll be the six one down. Label by numbers and letters. Once you click on it, it should say documents>library>navigator go to library preference and you’ll see it. Still trying to fix the (2100) error and help?

  84. John

    elan did you get the cydia repo?


    You don’t need to go on iFile if you did.

    If you didn’t open cydia and add the repo to your sources. Go to it and install the xcon and it should work.

  85. elan

    where do i get the cydia repo

  86. John

    Copy the link in the pervious message. Paste it on your sources list. Install the xcon and you’re done

  87. elan

    Thanks so much. Working like a charm!

  88. John

    Is your app fully working? I keep getting the video unavailable (2100)

  89. Andres

    Also receive error 2100, not sure if it’s the jailbreaks fault or something wrong on directv side

  90. Bob

    John, was just wondering if you have had any luck solving the 2100 error. Thanks for all you great help.

  91. Cookie

    HELP – was forced to install the latest DirecTV update and now I get the message that says it won’t work on a jailbroke device. Is anyone working on a patch? THANKS!

  92. Cookie

    I should have mentioned above the latest Xcon from the n00neimp0rtant repository does not work anymore

  93. T205

    Try this link http://goo.gl/dn9f9, it’s the updated xcon tweak but hadnt made to cydia yet. You have to have ifile to open it because it’s a deb file

  94. Carlos

    Hello guys, I got the 2200 error. Any1 know how to solve it¿

  95. DirectTv App / Update - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at iMore.com

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  96. Jet

    T205 that link no longer works.

  97. scotch

    @jet – it worked for me.

  98. Dabobson


  99. Cookie

    Look at something I found. If you go to var/mobile/Applications/DirecTV/Library/Preferences/com.directv.mobile.ipad.navigator.production.plist and open in Text Viewer and scroll way down, you will find:

    Could this be what makes us update to the latest DirecTV app and prevents us from using the one currently installed on our iPad?

    I have changed mine to 99 in hopes this would buy me enough time for the next patch to be released.



  100. Tomas

    Here you go :) just did it last night on ipad1

  101. How To Fix Directv Everywhere Error 2101 in Windows

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